Sport institute

Virpiniemi Sport Institute is located in Haukipudas community, 23 km from Oulu to north on the shore of the gulf of Bothnia, in Virpiniemi sportcentral.

Owner of Virpiniemi Sport Institute.

The business-idea of Virpiniemi Sport Institute is to work as a local cource centrum in Northern-Ostrobothnia.

Services of Virpiniemi Sport Institute
Virpiniemi Sport Institute offers great possibilities to set up training events, preparation courses, camps, seminars, conferences and sportdays. We do also fitness tests to sportsmen, keep-fit enthusiasts and other prospective people.

Sport Institute has great accommodation and educational places to organise events.

Virpiniemi is great camp school destination.
Sport Institute arrange cources to coaches, instructors, association officials and managers. Sport Institute takes care of Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Liikunta (PoPli) coach-, director- and association official education. Education takes place under SLU coaching education system. It is in same level than in EU.